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Hey everyone

I want to say sorry I kinda disappeared over the last month. Honestly did not expect the last month of the semester to actual gotten much more chaotic. But the semester is nearly over, I had my last regular class last Tuesday the 16th and have been spending the last week and a half studying for my German final on Wednesday the 24th. I do not have the official grades but I do know that I should get A's in three of my classes and odds are I should get a B in my german class. Still, I won't have anything ready to post just yet, still got to finish preparing for the final.

In other news. I will also be attending graduation on June 3rd for my two year degree in Fine Art since I missed out graduating in the winter. I will finally have a degree after 3 years of hard work. But I still have roughly another 3 years go to for the bachelors since I cannot afford summer classes.

As for what I plan to post. I plan to post some of the artwork from this semester, mainly from one class. I also figured I will do a few sketch dumps of concept art for the creature culture since posting each sketch individually didn't make sense with how connected some concept art is. I will try to stick to what I said and post something once a week. Just didn't have enough time during spring break to set up stuff and keep up with school. I also plan to try and expand some type of art I do, more concept art over finish pieces and trying out new angles and poses.

As for my own mood, well, mixed. I'm doing okay, depression is getting better and I am getting happier. Just drained and stress from the semester. But the finish line is in sight, can't stop now.

Hope everyone is fine and have a great week.

Ealdeth Out

Hey everyone. Bit of a long over due update.

I know I haven’t been keeping up with DA and posting much. I have been keeping a bit of things quiet and feel I should now share as a way to move forward. I have been fighting my depression a lot as of late. I was getting back into the swings of things at the start of last summer with something big planned before my grandmother got sick, as I stated like six journals ago, she passed away and it hit me hard. College started the same week and things just got bit harder, to the point I did break down for a week in November.

Things have been hard over the last several months, fighting off feelings of failure, feeling everything is pointless and hopelessness. Struggling to even keep up socially with friends I have and avoiding family interactions. College adding to the pressure, pushing me to finish and complete everything to just pass and at the point of doing it because I have to over I want to.

But, that is the past, even if that was only a few days ago, that is the past. Because I plan to work on moving forward. Now college is keeping me busy lately, so I haven’t been able to do a lot of stuff for things to post over spring break and such. However, in my classes I have learned things that will help with some projects and stuff I wish to share. I can now make e-books and show off some of the hand made books I done. I also have a tripod, tools and knowledge to take better pictures of certain pieces of art. Which I will do this week (Weather Permitting)

I will be setting up concept sketches and simpler pieces of art first. I will try to keep myself to a schedule and get to posting once a week at the very least. I will make a habit of posting, sharing and making art and showing it off here again, I only do school work, and it is time I get my personal projects going. I will not promise that I will become super active, but I will try to keep up a schedule.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to everyone. For those who have come and gone, thank you for just giving me moment. For those that stuck with me through the long haul, thank you for being there. For those that are new, thank you for your patience and waiting to see what I do.

Till the next Journal
Ealdeth Out  

Hey everyone, sorry about not getting a journal up sooner. Unfortunately after my last journal I got a bad cold and then after getting better from that, got sick again. But this time it was a case of something that was flue like for 3 days before being stuck with a cough that wouldn’t let up for two weeks, close to losing my voice and took a week afterwards to actually get my voice back. While I was sick I had to start registration and going through the process of signing up a new college. So I’ve been busy.

But now the news, I completed my college education at the community college and have an AA degree only needing to do the ceremony in the spring. As for the new college, I am proud to say I have been accepted into an honors university to continue my four year degree to be a graphic designer and video game designer (not 100% where the degree will fall). It is a very good local university and actual next to the community college I went to. I’ll post a journal about the first week later on. But I am taking two art classes (only know the class code), a lecture course (only know the class code) and German 101. 5 days a week.

Next up, what is going on with art and my posting here. Well, I have things planned and working on it along with catching up with my inbox. Getting sick put me a month behind compared to what I would like but I will get new stuff up soon. I know have a tripod for my camera and figuring out better set up for lighting and backdrop to help take cleaner picture of the work I have done during the semester and larger piece or what I can’t scan. I am also planning to work out a group with some friends to help progress projects and make it easier, including some video game concept.

As for what I will be posting here soon, I have three projects in the pipeline. First off Murphy’s law will be redone and return in the future, it is one project me and my friends will be working on together. Second will be the Voids, I planned out a concept and how to present it. I have to work on the concept art for about 75% of the void and then I will be doing reference sheets for each and concept art for the realm they are in. I will also be posting concept art from my creature culture project real soon, from soldier, to animals, buildings and more including updated maps. I almost have a good bit of work ready to post for the creature culture and will be first.

Till then, wish me luck at the new college and see you in the next journal

Ealdeth out  

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. To those who don't, happy holiday and have a good weekend. And to everyone have a happy and safe new year.

I'll be posting a full update from the semester and my plans Dec 26-27. Till then, everyone have a nice weekend and take care
Happy thanksgiving to everyone

End of the semester is close, final day is Dec 16th and the final project is taking up a lot of my time. I haven't forgotten DA or everyone here. I will try to get new stuff up and get to all my messages

Hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it. For those who don't hope you had a great day. Hope everyone is well

Ealdeth Out
Happy halloween everyone, have a fun and safe one.

Expect some new stuff from me soon, I have to get the lighting and camera set up to take picture of the work I did over the semester so far.

Everyone have a good night and good week

Hey everyone, just another quick update.

First off, in regards to my last journal, I like to say thank you for all the support. I am doing better mentally and emotionally. Though physically I have been rather drained, partly due to the new semester.  Which brings me to the next point.

The new semester is going rather well and it is a fun class, this should be my last class I need to complete to get my two-year degree in graphic design. This class is portfolio class and it has already proven to be different than my first guess. The workload is what I expected but the fact the class is taught by three teachers is completely unexpected, and I mean three teachers teaching the same exact class and not three that cover the classes.

This class has also changed what I should expect for types of projects I can do. The first project was deconstruction, which is expected but the fact I could use a personal project for the class assignment is new. Usually that is the last assignment, but I was allowed to deconstruct a creature I made up into a biological reference sheet. (And I will show that off when I can get the right picture, it is a bit shiny due to the graphite and it blurs the image some)

With that said, class and the last month has been very busy and I am trying to catch up. I will be posting stuff over the next day or two. Till next time

Ealdeth out

Hey everyone, I figure I should post this journal explaining my absence this summer since my last journal saying I was going to try and be more active in my last journal back in June. Well summer didn’t go quite as I had hope, some minor things came up. But the real thing that happen was a family tragedy, unfortunately my grandmother, someone who was like a second mother to me passed away 8/26/2016 at 3:20pm. She had a stroke back in June 28th, and she was slowly recovering before having a grand mal seizure a week later. She could barely talk, move or interact. Her mind was still there but her body was not working well. She was slowly getting better and things were picking up. I was visiting her often, but then August 22nd, she hand another large seizure that left her comatose. She passed away a few days later... part of me is thankful she didn’t linger long in that state, suffering, and now she is at peace.

The viewing was last Tuesday, August 30th and her funeral was yesterday, August 31th. In this event I was one of the Pallbearers and help carried her casket into the church and the latter to the graveyard where they would take it before they place her into the ground. This was a major thing and it is still sinking in on what happen. I’ll be fine in time but this is have.

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: Next Update :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:

In other news, I start my Portfolio class for this fall semester tomorrow, it is a Friday only class. I will post a journal sometime this weekend about the class and how the first day went.

Also speaking about posting, due to how things went this summer, I didn’t post all the stuff I would have like or get it ready. But with things calming down I will be posting some finished pieces of work and some “teaser” art related to some big art projects I have been working on. I will also try and get back into my habit for writing. I will also start catching up on DA inbox as well.

I am sorry about all the delays and I hope you understand. Don’t worry I will be fine and I hope to have some new stuff up within the next week. Till then, Take care everyone, peace

Hey everyone

I wanted to say sorry for my inactivity over the last year. Rarely posting and barely getting through my inbox. I really appreciate all the support and kindness from everyone, and I am sorry I kinda feel off the map for a while.

Things had caused a delay and I am still working on my inbox. Luckily I got the camera and the right lighting so I can post some of the work I have done over the last two semesters. I am also working on more artwork and will post them when it is ready, they will probably be mostly concept art and sketches, stuff that revolves around the creature culture and The Void Island concept I have.

As for the rest of what is going on, life is going alright. Few rough spots here and there but I am moving forward.

I hope everyone is doing well themselves and life goes fine.

Till next time, Ealdeth out

Yes it has been a whiles since I posted a journal here or been actually active on this site. Well that will change, but I will save that for a journal I will post Sunday. But for this journal, yesterday, June 9th was my birthday. And I would like to thank everyone for the wishes. It is so nice to see despite inactivity people are still remember little things about that and wish me a happy birthday. Thank you so much for the wishes

As for what I got for my birthday, got squat, because my birthday landed on a weekday, we tend to celebrate it on the weekend. So tomorrow, Saturday will be a day completely offline and hanging out with friends and having a good time.

I will post a journal Sunday with my plans for both my projects and here on DA. Sorry I haven't been active and I will catch up on stuff. Thank you for both patients and thank you again for the wishes.

Till next time, Peace
To everyone, merry christmas. To those that don't celebrate it, happy holidays and have a great day. To everyone, have a happy and safe new years
So basically I haven’t been all that active over this past year. Two heavy semesters and the move over the summer kept me rather distracted and busy. I have let my inbox built up quite a bit over this past year and I plan to go through it all over the break and catch up. Literally a year's worth of messages, so I am sorry about the delay.

This past year also have had some up and downs. The busy semesters have been stressful, the move was stressful but the new place is great and I am enjoying living here. Living with my dad again is nice, well rather him living with me since he moved in with me needing to move from his old place. It’s also nice because I get to live with my cat and dog again as well.

Unfortunately a tragic moment happened recently as well, my best friend :icongodzilla99: passed away this past Tuesday, Dec 15th suddenly. It has hit me, his family and the rest of his friends rather hard. I’m doing fine and getting through this and my thoughts go out to his family, the ones that need the support the most is his family.

On a lighter note, I will be doing the typical thing of "posting" all my school work I have done that is worth posting from this past semester. I also will be working out and posting new work hopefully soon.

That’s all for now, hope everyone is doing fine and that you are enjoy thing holidays or the end of year. Till next time, Ealdeth out ^.=.^
Well, was going to do a "how did the first week of the semester" update journal about two weeks ago... But, as you can see that didn't happen. Yeah, lazy and busy Ealdeth is well Lazy and busy... Anyway, moving on from that, onto college.

First three weeks are going rather well. I have all the classes I wanted and need for this semester and financial aid surprised me this year in a good way... it was actually on time and ready for the semester, I didn't have to spend anything out of pocket for supplies at the very start of the semester. As for the classes, I got College Algebra, Typography, Computer Illustration I, and Drawing II.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: College stuff, Skip to the bottom section if not interested:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
College Algebra isn't that bad, but a bit of a pain at times. (skip over two paragraphs if you don't want to read about math) Mainly a pain with the online homework. Out of all online homework systems, I have to say I like this one the most. It's called ALEKS. Knowing nothing about this system made the few surprises annoying, like how they do knowledge checks before starting the next section of homework. And their point system was a bit of a surprise, so I will explain that. First off, if you prove you know the section without a problem in the knowledge check, you don't have to do the homework for that section, which I like, avoids being repetitive and helps focus on the problem sections.

Their point system go: 5 points and you clear the section, each right answer equal 1 point, two in a row and you get 2 points for that question, meaning you can easily get 5 points by answering 3 questions, clearing the section. But get a question wrong, you loose a point. I like how it make sure you understand the section before continuing but its annoying when you end up doing "one step forward, one step back" due to stupid errors.

Now for Computer Illustration I, I am enjoying the class, only thing is I don't know Illustrator (like how I didn't know photoshop well last semester) so the course is a complete "Learn the program" and it can be annoying. But I am happy that I am understanding Illustrator and only kick in the head with this class so far is... I learned how I made the Wartor Map... was both such a hard and complex way but I know a faster more effective way and can keep the map vector base rather than raster... so, revisit project in the future.

My Typography class is also fun, cool thing about this is I have both some classmates I had in last semester and the same Teacher from my Digital Imaging class last year. Real bonus with the same teacher since he knows my style, favorite type of symbolism, strengths and weaknesses, which makes it easier for him to help me in projects. Plus he has shown some interest in my personal projects like the "Creature Culture" and even a "weapon database" I am making, and took time to help suggest how to make databases visually better. Plus, when I ask him about my "Murphy's Law" comic and asked what type of "type face"/font I should use for the comic, he said "I think it works better if you just hand write and ink it, don't due it digitally because it could rob some of the simplistic nature that makes it good." This is really helpful since I was stuck on how to redo the comic and is a boost.

As for Drawing 2, well that class is fun, but right now two annoyances. First off is carrying a portfolio that I first thought was at most 60lbs over 2,100ft for 10 minutes... but it is actual 180lbs just in 3 drawing pads I need. Second is we are during gesture figure drawings in charcoal, I am not good at figure drawings and hate using charcoal (Love how it looks and the art it can make, it just doesn't work for me). But the teacher is great and class is nice, he said some of my gesture drawings are good so far with class practice. I just have to learn to hold charcoal in a different way.

Besides classes, the long walk to and from my car and two different campus has two small bad effects. The long drive and drives in rush hour leaves me a bit drained 3 of the 5 class days. And the long walk with all that wait has been hurting my left leg. Aunt gave me a cart to wheel the portfolio around Wednesday (which helps only on Monday) and I have been using a crutch to help take the weight off, canes done work wheel for me and tend to mess up my wrist. But since I been using the Crutch the 4th day of the first week, my leg doesn't hurt much.

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:Life Update:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
Now first three weeks of college has been busy but mainly due to getting into the new schedule and many different appointments and errands to run to help set up the house. So after this week, things will be more calm and I can start being more active on DA and clearing out my inbox again.

Second, yesterday 9/20/15, my sister was working "The Shindig" and got me and my dad tickets to it. For those who don't know, "The Shindig" is a large outdoor concert/festival, which this site gives the full detail and lineup . My dad and me when later in the day due to long week, stuff we have to do and my leg being sore. But we got there and listen to Anthrax, and got to watch Chevelle, Clutch, Stone Temple Pilots and Godsmack in concert. The concert was amazing and Godsmack was amazing in concert, they did not disappoint. This now leaves one of my top 5 bands I haven't seen yet. I have seen Distrubed, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace and now Godsmack, all that leaves is Metallica... and good luck getting tickets to them >.=.<

Well That is the update, for those that read the whole thing, that's great. And for those who didn't, no problem it's fine, it's a lot text on a screen and I admit, at times I would just skim or skip with this much.

Till next time, Ealdeth out ^.=.^
Well, today is my last day of summer break. The new college semester starts off August 31st, so I will be a bit slow for the first two weeks as I get into the new semester. I will continue to try to sketch more often and even right. I will keeps up with the DA inbox as well, still going through it, but I will manage it.

Hopefully I’ll some sketches up soon, no promises when, first week of college is always hectic. I'll have my college schedule posted on a custom wedge for those that care to know and to act as a reminder for me at night. And this semester is going to be a bit of a different experiences since my classes are on two of the three campuses that this particular college has, so driving a lot, fun... :dummy: :facepalm:

Till next time Ealdeth, out ^.=.^
Like the title says, the move is done with :dummy:

Well, I have basically settled into my new place, just a matter of putting up some pictures, shelves and sorting through some boxes. But for now I am going to rest and try to sketch and write. I’m going to make it a habit again to sketch and write daily or every other day. I do plan on also getting some old projects and re-writes done as well, new house means new situation, I don’t see this place being as stressful as my last one neither. I really am enjoying the new house, it’s in a nice neighborhood, fenced back yard so I don’t have to worry about the dog and the place is nice and much bigger, no longer feel cluttered or closed in.

With that said, I do start college next Monday, August 31st so it might be some time before I post finished pictures, might start doing sketches and WIP like I have intended to do in the past... have a bad habit of slacking. So I hope to get this profile more active again. Along with activity I plan to continue to clear out my inbox, can’t keep putting it off

Till next time, Ealdeth Out

Just a quick update about the move. So far we are settling into the new place nicely, both the dog and my lizard Mimring are adjusting to the new surroundings. Though Mimring still being bit of a moody lizard, he doesn’t like the commotion from the moving and settling in. Me and my dad still have stuff to move out of his place and will be doing that this Saturday, then over the next month or so, slowly setting up and settling in.

I hope to have my art stuff set up within a week and start drawing and writing again. The long pause with half the projects not only makes continuing a bit tricky at first but my confidence in them is a bit shot… along with my confidence in writing and drawing, so I plan to start working on that as soon as I can

As for the DA inbox, I will be slowly clearing it out and going through everything throughout the next moth and making sure things are squared away before the college semester starts. I am sorry for the long delay for most of the stuff in my inbox and will be sure to get to everything as soon as I can

And now, two meme, first one is that DeviantArtist Questionnaire. Second one is a tag meme. Feel free to skip this section

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:Deviantartist Questionnaire:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:

How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Since Feburary of 2010, so over 5 years now

What does your username mean?
First username here was “Daruik-Athanor” which was actually a misspelling of a character’s name for a story I have been working on slowly over time off DA. The second name and current username “Ealdeth” is the name of a dragonpersona and pen-name I have adopted, and most get it wrong with how to say it, old English and all, it’s pronounced “Ale-Death”

Describe yourself in three words
I am Me

Are you left or right handed?
Right Handed

What was your first deviation?
Dragon in the Shadows by Ealdeth first piece I ever decided to post, but not the first piece of art I ever made

What is your favourite type of art to create?
Right now Traditional, digital art is still a bit frustrating

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Digital… I am not the most computer patient person

What was your first favourite?
It’s not there anymore but first favorite would have been a dragon picture

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Mythology and weapon themes, doesn’t matter the type of art really

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
That’s hard to say, can’t say I have a favorite of all time

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
:icondrakmanka: :icontoxicorion: :iconadgi-in-the-darkness: :icondragontamer1990: :icongodzilla99: :iconnyrawrites: :iconsturalke: :iconpixelsnaxs: :icontheoracledragon: :iconcoopahdraco14: I would say out of everyone, these guys and friends I made. I didn’t pick favorites with this, just those I have a greater chance of meeting in person.

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
I would say that boost in confidence about making art more than a hobby

What are your preferred tools to create art?
Pencil and paper as of now, always have a pad of paper with me

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
I would say the wilderness (even those I don’t often get to the woods), the peace and quiet there has always been helpful.

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Really don’t have one

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:Tag Meme:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
I honestly don’t feel like doing the whole Tag and rules, so what the full Tag experience. Go look at the journal by the one who tagged me
Tagged by :icondrakmanka:

1. If you were the ruler of the entire planet and had absolutely no enemies(with any potential chance of ever getting to you), what would you do with your new global empire?
:bulletred:Insanity because I would be insane if I want to rule the globe, that is too much work

2. If you could have one superhuman ability, what would it be? (You can draw from existing universes like Star Wars, Bionicle, Skyrim, etc.)
:bulletred: Control over fire, always my answer if I could have one :onfire:

3. If you could become any animal you wanted for 24 hours, and would revive as a human if you were killed during that time, what animal would you become?
:bulletred: Dragon :icondragonlaplz:

4. Would you rather just say no to the whole thing in question 3?
:bulletred: Think I answered 3 so probably won’t say no

5. What is your all-time favorite movie/tv/videogame franchise?
:bulletred: Spyro, Indiana Jones and Jurassic park

6. Secret fictional character crush?
:bulletred: Nope

7. 1-5 Weird/impossible pets you would like to have! Go!
:bulletred: Komodo dragon, Utah-raptor, California condors, Bio constrictor and Wolf

8. Would you like a Jelly Baby?
:bulletred: Nah

9. What is your "happy place" and how did you find it originally?
:bulletred: heh… happy place… err, does a battle field count :XD:… But in all honesty, I would say the wilderness and since my family camping trip

10. Are these questions getting personal?
:bulletred: Nah not really

11. Name one piece of technology science fiction/fantasy promised us that we haven't gotten yet but you wish we had.
:bulletred: Fully functioning robotic limbs… really could use a better left leg XD

12. There is a Santa Claus for adults too! Everyone gets presents though, based on what they've been up to during the year. What kind of presents will you be getting?
:bulletred: Err, wouldn’t know

13. All in favor of Drakmanka stopping with the weird questions, say "Aye".
:bulletred: Nah (Just to be different)

Hey Everyone

Just an update, good news too, I managed to find a place for me and my dad and we will be starting the move to the new place August 7th and will spend Saturday 8th  and Sunday 9th moving the furniture and most of the stuff from his old place and my old apartment. The place allows German Shepard, close to one of the campuses that the college I go runs and it is closer to my dad’s job. So it works out great for both of us.

What does this mean for DA, well, I will be even less active, slower to clear out the inbox and odds are tired for the next two weeks as I pack up and then settle into my new place. Plus there might be days where I won't have the internet to start with. I will try to get to the inbox and work on it as much as I can and hopefully I can sketch some stuff while waiting for people during the move (Like cable company, I’ll have hours to draw then)

Till next time, Ealdeth out

Update: 7/29/2015</u>

Just to give everyone an update with what is going on. Me and my dad managed to get a place. So we are just gathering the money needed and setting everything up when it comes to cable, power and net. I am starting to feel less stressed out but I know I will be tired and drained now and again over the next few weeks due to the move. I'll keep everyone updated as it progresses.

Hey everyone

First of all I want to say I am sorry for the Inactivity, both in art/writing and keeping up with my inbox.

My energy and motivation has been low lately and the summer has not being going the way I hoped. I was hoping for time to relax and really start back up on my projects and even get some new writing posted, even possibly starting up Murphy's Law again... but life throw a curve ball. Some of you already know from talking one on one but time I tell everyone else... I have been struggling with finding and getting a new place to live. Me and my sister planned to move out once our lease is up and get a new place.... Well things got complicated when the third roommate that would join in dropped out. After that my sister's boyfriend and her decided that he should move in instead with the two of us. So, that fixed the money problem but started to add a problem for me... I was starting to feel like a third wheel and the places they were looking at is farther and farther away from the colleges I was going to and other things I need... so that was adding more stress, because I felt like I had no say.

Well, another curve ball, my dad is forced to move, the landlord cannot afford to continue to own and rent out the place. My dad paid on time and wasn't because of him, landlord kept saying sorry for what he had to do and was at least a friend with my dad. So, he had to find a new place... and of course both me and my sister have to be out of our current place by August 14th... Well my dad has to be out of his place by August 15th... So everyone say "YAY" for great freaking timing...

So, this lead to where my sister and her boyfriend get a place of their own and I get a place with my dad... I don't mind that at all, I like my dad and I get to actual see my dog and cat again... But... Kicker is not many major places will Rent a place to someone who owns a German Shepard in Maryland due to a BS aggressive breed act which means any dog breed on that is, if it bites someone, the owner and renter can be sued instead of just the owner. Getting rid of the dog isn't an option since it was the last gift my late mother gave my dad and it would devastated him, myself and my sister if the dog had to be abandoned.

Well things are slowly working out, my sister and her boyfriend should have a place soon. Me and my dad are still waiting to hear if the place we found is approved. If we are, we got a place, if not... we are really screwed because it is the only place in our price range that lets German Shepard....

So this is why I have been inactive. I am sorry for the inactivity and the large journal. I am still slowly working on two large projects but it will take time to get much going, I hope to get something posted soon.

I don't know if posting this journal is worth it, I don't know how many of my watchers are active... but for those who are, thank you for sticking by me this far... I'll try to have something up soon

Till then, take care, Ealdeth out

Today is my birthday

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 9, 2015, 3:47 PM
Today is my birthday and I would like to say: Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate it.

Today was a good day, though my birthday being on the weekday, we won't do a big celebration or outing until the weekend. Kind of a family thing since everyone works on the weekdays. So most likely go out to the movies on the weekend. But like we always try to do on every birthday, we did go out of dinner. They even got the waitress to bring out a piece of cake with a candle in it.

On a different note, I am getting clear ideas for landscapes and artwork again, just breaking it down on how to draw it in my head. I might post a pole later on to see if anyone is interested in me posting sketches of these ideas later on

Hey Everyone

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 5, 2015, 10:38 AM
I figure I at least do more than a journal every 2 to three months.

Just a bit of an update, I took the first two weeks being off college to relax and (as some of you have seen) work on a new Wartor City Map. So I have not gotten to clearing out or looking through my inbox. I plan to do that over the next week or two, now that the house is cleaned up and I am not fighting a cold and one things left to do before i can fully relax and tackle the inbox. Which is my sister's graduation from the Vet Tech program tomorrow, she was even asked to speak at the ceremony.

As for other thing, I am fooling around with photoshop some more and plan to work on some larger scale projects and my writing. Hopefully I will have stuff started up again and stuff to post again on DA.

Also, in July I am going on a 3 day camping trip with the family (if the weather holds out and stays good). And I plan on drawing and sketching while out there, change of scenery might help my creativity.

Well that's it for now
Ealdeth out ^.=.^