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Ezekiel "Zeke" Weis
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United States
Name: Ezekiel "Zeke" Weis
You can call me: Zeke, Dar or Ealdeth

:bulletgreen: Mythology, Ancient Warfare, and History :bulletgreen: Good Friends
:bulletgreen: Kind people
:bulletgreen: Shooting, action advanture video games, and statagy. (God of War, Metal of Honor, Call of Duty, Rome: Total War, Spyro
:bulletgreen: DRAGONS (My favorite creature of them all)
:bulletgreen: Favorite animals: Wovles, Hawks, Eagles, Dogs, Sharks, Komodo Dragons, Snakes
:bulletgreen: Music: listen to it everyday for most of the day :headbang: Main genre - Metal, Rock, Alternative
:bulletgreen: Philosophy (Would like to write it and be a philosopher)
:bulletyellow: Racism, Ignorance, rudeness
:bulletyellow: ART THIEVES!!!!
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I am a fantasy artist, and always trying to get better. I also write books, none are publish yet. I would like to become a graphic artist and design animations and video games
I am open to comments (keep them as clean as possible and not too rude)

:bulletorange:Founder of the following Groups:bulletorange:

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Current Residence: Maryland
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal, Rock, Alternative
Favourite style of art: Fantacy
Operating System: Window 7 home premium
Personal Quote: Knowing about other cultures leads to understanding, understanding prevents conflicts
The goal is to be unified, Take my hand be my brother - One by Creed…

Well, was going to do a "how did the first week of the semester" update journal about two weeks ago... But, as you can see that didn't happen. Yeah, lazy and busy Ealdeth is well Lazy and busy... Anyway, moving on from that, onto college.

First three weeks are going rather well. I have all the classes I wanted and need for this semester and financial aid surprised me this year in a good way... it was actually on time and ready for the semester, I didn't have to spend anything out of pocket for supplies at the very start of the semester. As for the classes, I got College Algebra, Typography, Computer Illustration I, and Drawing II.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: College stuff, Skip to the bottom section if not interested:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
College Algebra isn't that bad, but a bit of a pain at times. (skip over two paragraphs if you don't want to read about math) Mainly a pain with the online homework. Out of all online homework systems, I have to say I like this one the most. It's called ALEKS. Knowing nothing about this system made the few surprises annoying, like how they do knowledge checks before starting the next section of homework. And their point system was a bit of a surprise, so I will explain that. First off, if you prove you know the section without a problem in the knowledge check, you don't have to do the homework for that section, which I like, avoids being repetitive and helps focus on the problem sections.

Their point system go: 5 points and you clear the section, each right answer equal 1 point, two in a row and you get 2 points for that question, meaning you can easily get 5 points by answering 3 questions, clearing the section. But get a question wrong, you loose a point. I like how it make sure you understand the section before continuing but its annoying when you end up doing "one step forward, one step back" due to stupid errors.

Now for Computer Illustration I, I am enjoying the class, only thing is I don't know Illustrator (like how I didn't know photoshop well last semester) so the course is a complete "Learn the program" and it can be annoying. But I am happy that I am understanding Illustrator and only kick in the head with this class so far is... I learned how I made the Wartor Map... was both such a hard and complex way but I know a faster more effective way and can keep the map vector base rather than raster... so, revisit project in the future.

My Typography class is also fun, cool thing about this is I have both some classmates I had in last semester and the same Teacher from my Digital Imaging class last year. Real bonus with the same teacher since he knows my style, favorite type of symbolism, strengths and weaknesses, which makes it easier for him to help me in projects. Plus he has shown some interest in my personal projects like the "Creature Culture" and even a "weapon database" I am making, and took time to help suggest how to make databases visually better. Plus, when I ask him about my "Murphy's Law" comic and asked what type of "type face"/font I should use for the comic, he said "I think it works better if you just hand write and ink it, don't due it digitally because it could rob some of the simplistic nature that makes it good." This is really helpful since I was stuck on how to redo the comic and is a boost.

As for Drawing 2, well that class is fun, but right now two annoyances. First off is carrying a portfolio that I first thought was at most 60lbs over 2,100ft for 10 minutes... but it is actual 180lbs just in 3 drawing pads I need. Second is we are during gesture figure drawings in charcoal, I am not good at figure drawings and hate using charcoal (Love how it looks and the art it can make, it just doesn't work for me). But the teacher is great and class is nice, he said some of my gesture drawings are good so far with class practice. I just have to learn to hold charcoal in a different way.

Besides classes, the long walk to and from my car and two different campus has two small bad effects. The long drive and drives in rush hour leaves me a bit drained 3 of the 5 class days. And the long walk with all that wait has been hurting my left leg. Aunt gave me a cart to wheel the portfolio around Wednesday (which helps only on Monday) and I have been using a crutch to help take the weight off, canes done work wheel for me and tend to mess up my wrist. But since I been using the Crutch the 4th day of the first week, my leg doesn't hurt much.

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:Life Update:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
Now first three weeks of college has been busy but mainly due to getting into the new schedule and many different appointments and errands to run to help set up the house. So after this week, things will be more calm and I can start being more active on DA and clearing out my inbox again.

Second, yesterday 9/20/15, my sister was working "The Shindig" and got me and my dad tickets to it. For those who don't know, "The Shindig" is a large outdoor concert/festival, which this site gives the full detail and lineup . My dad and me when later in the day due to long week, stuff we have to do and my leg being sore. But we got there and listen to Anthrax, and got to watch Chevelle, Clutch, Stone Temple Pilots and Godsmack in concert. The concert was amazing and Godsmack was amazing in concert, they did not disappoint. This now leaves one of my top 5 bands I haven't seen yet. I have seen Distrubed, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace and now Godsmack, all that leaves is Metallica... and good luck getting tickets to them >.=.<

Well That is the update, for those that read the whole thing, that's great. And for those who didn't, no problem it's fine, it's a lot text on a screen and I admit, at times I would just skim or skip with this much.

Till next time, Ealdeth out ^.=.^
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Would anyone be interested in seeing the pieces of art I do for my \"art response assignments\" for art history 

12 deviants said Yes
6 deviants said Maybe
1 deviant said (my button so I can see the results, don't use, it doesn't help)
No deviants said No

College Schedule, Fall 2015

:bulletred:10:10am – 11:05am (Campus 1) :bulletred:12:15pm – 5:05pm (Campus 2)
:bulletblack:Away From House – 9:20am to 6:20pm

:bulletred:9:35am – 11:50am (Campus 1) :bulletred:2:30pm – 4:50pm (Campus 2)
:bulletblack:Away From House – 8:15am to 12:30pm / 1:30pm to 6pm

:bulletred:10:10am – 11:05am (Campus 1)
:bulletblack:Away From House – 9:20am to 12pm

:bulletblack:Same as Tuesday

:bulletblack:Same as Wednesday


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